Agent of Change Cocktail: innovation meets sustainability in a glass.

This exceptional drink embodies the spirit of adaptability, offering three distinct variations tailored to individual tastes. From the non-alcoholic option (NO) to the low-alcohol version (LOW), and finally, the full-strength delight (FULL), every sip promises a unique experience.

Furthermore, this drink stands as a testament to kindness, effortlessly accommodating diverse customer preferences without altering its visual appeal.

Crafted with our Elixir of Ceylon Black Tea Peach, which characterises the refreshing, fruity flavour of this drink, the Agent of Change aims at using ingredients that are both high quality and sustainable.

This delightful drink is an invention of Misja Vorstermans, the founder of ISAAC Academy, Europe's premier bar and spirit training institute, and Dilmah Tea Mixologist since 2013.

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Misja specifically crafted this recipe for us, unveiling it to the public at our Higher Tea at LuminAir in Amsterdam on October 3rd. The event centered around themes of eco-consciousness, sustainability, and post-pandemic recovery in the hospitality sector.

Why “Agent of Change”?

We asked Misja this question, and he told us that the drink Agent of Change was born as a response to the need to change something in the hospitality sector, to be more sustainable, socially and environmentally.

What makes this cocktail truly revolutionary is its role as an ambassador of change, embracing the ethos of Sustainable Mixology.

Sustainable Mixology is an eco-conscious cocktail crafting approach. By using seasonal ingredients, innovative techniques, and mindful garnishes, mixologists reduce environmental impact and support local communities. This practice not only yields unique, flavorful cocktails but also advocates for a greener planet and responsible hospitality practices.

The creation of "Agent of Change" stems from Misja’s need for sustainability and transformation within the hospitality industry. Inspired by the concept of an "agent of change" in the corporate world – a critical, creative individual who drives transformation – this cocktail represents a new way of viewing the bar business. It's not just about environmental sustainability but also human sustainability.

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Bartenders, often striving for balance in their creations, sometimes neglect the balance in their own lives or in the lives of their guests. This cocktail aims to offer choices, not just in alcohol percentages but in the entire drinking experience. By providing options, bartenders play a role in responsible drinking and promoting a healthier, more balanced lifestyle for both themselves and their guests.

The Superjuice

In mixology, lime juice has often been discarded after squeezing, leading to waste. Misja Vorstermans’ innovative solution, known as "Superjuice," addresses this issue. Instead of wasting lime peels, which still hold flavour, he combines them with powdered acids and water. This method yields approximately six times more juice from the same number of limes and extends the juice's shelf life up to about two weeks, reducing food waste considerably.

Superjuice’s ingredients:

  • Peels of 8 limes
  • Juice of 8 limes
  • 40 gram citric acid
  • 8 gram malic acid
  • 1 litre of water

To create Superjuice, lime peels are combined with powdered acids, fresh lime juice, and water. Start by putting the lime peels in a bowl, and add the acid powders to it. After an hour, the flavours from the peels are extracted, including essential oils, enhancing the overall taste. At this point, add the lime juice and water to the bowl, give it a mix and then blend the mixture, ensuring the peels are thoroughly shredded. Finally, strain the mixture. This is all you need to do to make a flavorful, long-lasting Superjuice that can be bottled and stored, reducing waste and providing a sustainable solution for bartenders and the environment.

Mixology with Elixir of Ceylon Black Tea Peach

Creating tea cocktails often poses challenges due to the added water making the drink feel diluted. Traditional tea, when brewed strong for cocktails, can bring bitterness. However, with Elixir of Ceylon Black Tea Peach, these challenges are brilliantly resolved.

As Misja highlighted, our Elixir of Ceylon Tea, being concentrated, retains all the flavours without dilution issues. Its inherent sweetness, honey notes, the essence of tea, and, in this case, peach flavour eliminate the need for complex balancing acts. Combining it with lime and the chosen alcoholic base, like Johnnie Walker Black whiskey, results in a harmonious blend.

Moreover, the Elixir is exceptionally sustainable – no need to brew or dispose of excess tea. One bottle of this concentrated tea replaces many bottles of pre-diluted iced tea, making it not only a simpler choice but also a more eco-conscious one. It's a practically effortless and sustainable solution for crafting exquisite tea-infused cocktails.

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Join us in the revolution, one sip at a time, and let the Agent of Change Cocktail redefine your drinking experience – where sustainability, variety, and kindness blend seamlessly.

Agent of Change Mock-to-Cocktail recipe

Materials: shaker, strainer, jigger.


Serving size:
Agent of Change


Agent of Change


Fill a coupe glass with ice to make it chilled.


Add the still water, the lime juice and the Elixir Peach into a shaker.


Now pour into the shaker Van Sha if you want to make a mocktail, Vermouth if you like your cocktails light, or Johnnie Walker Black whiskey if you are going for a stronger drink.


Add ice into the shaker and shake well.


Remove the ice from your chilled coupe glass and strain the drink into it. Enjoy.

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To elevate your drink, garnish it with an orange twist: an aesthetically pleasing and aromatic touch.