Three Dilmah Projects with Impact

1. The MJF Kids Programme

The MJF Kids Programme seeks to provide holistic development for underprivileged children. It offers quality early childhood development programs and ensures their continued education.


We provide educational support sessions that include Mathematics, Science, English, Sinhala, Tamil, and Dance classes. Weekly co-curricular activities and leadership training sessions make a significant impact on children who come from challenging social backgrounds.

Children at MJF Child Development Centre receive a backpack for the new school year

The MJF Kids Programme operates in eight locations across Sri Lanka: Peliyagoda, Maligawatta, Pallansena, Siyambalanduwa, Udawalawe, Koul-Ara, Pahalalanda, and Point Pedro.

2. The Elephant Transit Home in Uda Walawe

Dilmah Conservation supports elephant conservation with its sponsorship of the Elephant Transit Home in Udawalawe. We contribute to the care of baby elephants and raise awareness about these majestic creatures and their importance.

Mom and son elephant cuddling at Uda Walawe National Park

In 2011, Dilmah Conservation funded the renovation of the Elephant Transit Home and established an Information Centre. The centre aims to share vital knowledge and create awareness of the elephants' plight.

We have also collaborated with the Department of Wildlife Conservation and the Centre for Conservation and Research. Our joint efforts focus on studying the movement patterns of elephants in Yala National Park.

By visiting the Dilmah Conservation Information Centre at the Elephant Transit Home, you can learn more about these incredible animals and the challenges they face.

Over the years, Dilmah has even adopted orphaned elephants, such as Ted and Baby Dilmah. The organization ensures their care and eventual release back into the wild.

Three baby elephants walkiing in a line

3. Endana Nature Corridor

As we enter the "decade of restoration", following World Environment Day 2021, Dilmah Conservation has initiated the Endana Nature Corridor project in the Sabaragamuwa Province.

This project focuses on the restoration and revitalization of a habitat, by connecting two isolated forest patches near the Sinharaja Rain Forest. Located on the border of the globally significant Sinharaja Forest Complex, the Endana Estate boasts diverse fauna and flora.

Sri Lankan leopard head close-up

The goal of the nature corridor is to enhance genetic diversity, by allowing the migration of flora and fauna between the two forest reserves. Through field studies and continuous monitoring, we strive to strengthen the habitat and combat the impacts of climate change.

The project involves the cooperation between local communities, tea estates, and forest reserves, creating a mosaic that promotes biodiversity and supports livelihoods.

Conservation large.webp

In addition to the Endana Nature Corridor, Dilmah Conservation has established other projects under its green recovery program, including the Hunuwella pilot project for restoring degraded tea lands, through the Kandyan Home Garden, and the concept of eco-agroforestry.

conservation forest restoration