Cauliflower - the advantages of the healthy all-rounder

Cauliflower contains several different essential nutrients, such as vitamin C, as well as B vitamins, and vitamin K. Vitamin C is, of course, a special vitamin in its importance for the immune system, as well as connective tissue and some other functions. Likewise, this type of cabbage, like almost all other vegetables, is very low in calories and accordingly excellent for people who have the goal of getting rid of a few pounds. It should be noted, however, that the various types of cabbage can interfere with the action of anticoagulants. In such a case you should always consult your doctor.

One advantage of cauliflower that should be taken into account is its high availability practically all year round. After all, it is not without reason that cauliflower is considered one of the most popular vegetables in Germany.

Likewise, the vegetable is considered extremely versatile when it comes to preparation. It is possible to eat it raw, to cook it, to boil it, to steam it and to bake it. It also makes a wonderful ingredient in a delicious stew. There are countless cauliflower recipes.

Cauliflower steaks with aioli

Of course, cauliflower can be roasted not only as a side dish to meat - cauliflower is in fact a wonderful and healthy substitute for meat. In general, we should all cut down on our meat consumption in order to do something good for our health. With the help of delicious, healthy recipes like these, that will be a breeze for you. This cauliflower steak recipe is sure to amaze you.

Tip: Cauliflower steak au gratin

You like it especially hearty and savory? Our tip: Cauliflower steak baked with cheese. Simply sprinkle the cauliflower with a cheese of your choice before you put it in the oven. We recommend mozzarella for this.

Cauliflower steak recipe healthy and delicious recipe

Utensils: Pan and bowl


Serving size:
Cauliflower steaks with aioli


Cauliflower steaks with aioli


In the first step, preheat the oven to about 200 degrees.


For the aioli, mix the mayonnaise, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, and minced garlic in a bowl. Then set this aside for the time being.


Free the cauliflower from the leaves and wash it completely. Cap the stalk, but do not cut it out completely. Then cut out slices about 1.5 cm thick from the center of the cauliflower head. (Through the stalk from the top).


Brush the resulting steaks with oil and season both sides heavily.


Heat the remaining oil in a frying pan on the highest heat. Then add the cauliflower steaks to the hot oil and fry them on one side only for about a minute. Now take the pan off the heat, turn the steaks and put them in the oven for about 10 minutes. You should continue this until the back is golden brown and the stem is tender.


Now serve the cauliflower steaks with a dollop of aioli.