A rich and robust tea with a heavy, almost malty thickness and a long and harmonious finish, reminiscent of a good Cabernet. Low-grown (up to 305 metres altitude) in a warm climate by the Indian Ocean, it has a full taste and dark brown colour.

How to make a perfect brew

  1. Bring the water to a boil
  2. Use 220ml of water per 2.5 grams tea
  3. Steep for 3-5 minutes, and enjoy your tea

Yata Watte Region

Yata Watte is grown in the Ruhuna region of Sri Lanka, beside the Indian Ocean and up to an elevation of 305 metres. The Kiruwana Ganga Plantation in the town of Galle, located 116 km south of Colombo, is where this low grown, heavy, robust, and deep coloured tea is cultivated. Galle is a historic town with an old-world charm, home to a 36-hectare Dutch Fort built in 1663 that has stood the test of time. Along with lace making, ebony carving, and gem polishing, the town is known for its tea production and still serves as a port for shipping, just as it did in the late 19th century.

Best Yata Watte tasting

When it comes to enjoying Yata Watte tea, there are a few ways to bring out its robust, full-bodied flavour. Try adding fresh mint leaves, a sliver of fresh ginger, a twist of lemon, or a drizzle of honey for a touch of sweetness. This tea pairs exceptionally well with red meats, such as lamb, as well as pasta dishes and creamy sauces. For dessert, cheesecakes make an excellent pairing. To elevate your experience, consider pairing it with Lindt 99% Cocoa Dark Absolute chocolate, which complements the tea's deep, complex flavours.

Storage advice

Store the tea in its steel box, and keep in a cool, dark place. It is important, when storing, to keep it away from sources of heat.
If storing in the refrigerator or freezer, pack in small, completely airtight packets or jars. Before use, wait for it to reach room temperature, in order to prevent any condensation. Each defrosted packet should be used within a week after opening.


100% Pure Ceylon black tea. Packed in Sri Lanka from local tea.