Arana Ayurvedic Infusions

Hey there, tea lovers and wellness seekers. Are you ready to embrace the New Year with a fresh start? Let's journey together through a day filled with the magic of Arana Ayurvedic Infusions. These aren't just teas; they're a way to align with nature and balance your body's rhythm.

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Ever heard of Ayurveda? It’s an ancient Indian tradition that is all about balance and natural healing. And guess what? Our Arana Ayurvedic Infusions are steeped in this timeless wisdom. Each cup from the Arana range is a blend of nature's best, crafted to energize, heal, and refresh your body and spirit. Think of them as your personal wellness companions, ready to bring a bit of harmony to your day.

So, why not let these infusions be a part of your new year's journey? Ready to sip your way to a happier, healthier you? Let’s get brewing.

Full Arana line, 9 variants

Good For You and the Planet

Our delightful Arana line is now available at a special discounted price. Why? Well, they're nearing their 'best before' dates – but here's our little secret: these dates are just a formality. In reality, our Arana teas, with their freshly picked ingredients, remain absolutely perfect in taste for at least a year beyond that date (sometimes even more).

So, what does this mean for you? It's an opportunity to enjoy these heavenly brews and dive into your enhanced self-care routine at a friendlier price while joining our mission against food waste. You get to treat yourself to the exceptional taste and health benefits of our teas, and together, we take a small yet meaningful step towards caring for our planet.

Don't miss out on this chance to sip on some delicious Ayurvedic goodness, rejuvenate your senses, and be a hero for sustainability.

Come, be a part of our No Waste journey. Your taste buds (and the planet) will thank you.

Morning Awakening with Arana Awake (6:00 AM)

Kickstart your morning with Arana Awake. This blend of green tea, ashwagandha, and peppermint is like a sunrise in a cup, awakening your senses and preparing you for the day's adventures. Sip this tea aside your breakfast in bed, or during your morning skin-care routine for an extra kick.

Mid-Morning Boost: Arana Strength (10:00 AM)

Feeling that mid-morning dip in energy? Arana Strength is here to lift you up. Snap ginger and coriander in this blend are like a pep talk for your body, keeping you focused and energized. When you feel like you need a moment to get invigorated in between meetings or running errands, try this powerful mix of Ayurvedic herbs.

Lunchtime Digestive: Arana Digestive (1:00 PM)

Lunch was great, but now it's time for Arana Digestive. With red rooibos, lemongrass, and coriander, this infusion is like a gentle pat on the back for your tummy, keeping you light and ready for the afternoon.

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Afternoon Refresher: Arana Youth (3:00 PM)

Beat the afternoon blues with Arana Youth. A sip of this antioxidant-rich blend with ceylon black tea, turmeric, and star anise is like a rejuvenating treat, bringing back your sparkle. Great to recover from the after-lunch food coma, or to fight the need of a siesta when you have no time to lose.

Early Evening Relaxation: Arana Comfort (5:00 PM)

As the evening rolls in, unwind with Arana Comfort. Its cozy blend of black tea, cocoa shell, and cinnamon is like a warm hug, helping you transition from the busy day to a relaxed evening. Enjoy it on the side of your favorite afternoon snack for an even more comfy moment.

Dinner Accompaniment: Arana Relief (7:00 PM)

Enhance your dinner with Arana Relief. This savory blend of green tea, ginger, and Ayurvedic herbs adds a flavorful touch to your meal while keeping your wellness in check and easing digestion.

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Post-Dinner Focus: Arana Remember (8:00 PM)

If you’re planning an evening of light work, reading, or you wish not to fall asleep before the end of the movie, then sip on some Arana Remember after dinner. Green tea, cinnamon, and lemongrass in this blend support your memory and focus, perfect for your evening activities.

Pre-Bedtime Relaxation: Arana Sleep (9:30 PM)

An hour before bed, prepare for sweet dreams with Arana Sleep. Honeybush and gotu kola in this infusion are like a lullaby for your body, setting the stage for a restful night. Light up some candles, get your favourite book, and sip on this gentle infusion for the ideal end-of-day moment of relax.

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Night Cap: Arana Detox (11:00 PM)

Finish your day with a cleansing nightcap - Arana Detox. Its blend of honeybush, holy basil, and Indian sarsaparilla gently detoxifies, supporting your body as you sleep. You’ll have sweet dreams and wake up the next morning feeling brand new, ready to start your wellness routine all over again.

Anytime Tea: Arana Recover

And finally, an evergreen. Whenever you need a boost, reach for Arana Recover. This infusion of green tea, cinnamon, and ginger is your perfect pick-me-up, revitalizing you anytime, anywhere. Ideal to reintroduce some liquids after a workout, and help your body recover thanks to its anti-inflammatory and fatigue reliever qualities.

Each Arana tea offers a unique experience, perfectly timed to support your body's natural rhythm and needs throughout the day. Embrace the wisdom of Ayurveda with each sip and enjoy a balanced, harmonious day, from dawn till dusk.